Our cause for good: Calling Education
Calling Education has the audacious vision of developing the most relevant model of providing top-quality education to learners from low-income communities for South Africa. This vision led to Calling Academy, an all-boys high school, being established in 2018 outside Stellenbosch. The early success of the school spawned a co-ed Calling Academy, established in Kroonstad in January 2022.
Apart from running these schools, their mission includes providing thought leadership in the field of low-fee education and raising the bar in this context of South African education.


Is it possible to make truly excellent education available at a fee affordable to learners from low-income communities?

In what ways can the inspiration so desperately needed in the South African education landscape be provided? How does a school with an authentically Christian ethos position itself in modern society in terms of personal mentoring and cutting-edge educational initiatives? These questions led to Calling Education being established.

 ButtaNutt’s Commitment:

1. Financial support, as a percentage of net profit.
2. Nutritious product support for school lunches.
3. Promoting Calling Academy awareness with branding on packaging.
4. Providing employment opportunities for graduates of Calling Academy.
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